Introducing Mike Evans

Role at Paragraphics: Folder Operator – Most work days Mike can be found at our largest buckle folder, producing folded signatures for brochures and booklets. As with any employee at Paragraphics though, he is very versatile and able to operate many of the machines in his department.

Start Date: October 20, 1997

Hometown: A graduate of Timken Vocational High School, Mike was born and raised in Canton, Ohio

Family: Daughter Andrea and son Michael

Something about Mike that you would never guess: And when we say “never”, we mean “never”. Mike carries some natural turf from Notre Dame Football Stadium in his wallet. It is pretty easy to guess who he roots for during college football season.

Mike’s favorite thing to do outside of work? In his spare time, you will find Mike at a lake with a fishing rod in one hand and a nice cigar in the other.

Mike’s favorite movie of all time? “Rudy” (of course)

Mike’s favorite childhood toy? Mikes’ addiction started at a young age, when he got his first Zebco fishing rod.

Where would Mike go on his dream vacation? If you can’t detect a theme developing here, you are not paying attention. Mike would love to go fishing in the Florida Keys.

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