Introducing Alex Roddy

Role at Paragraphics:  Alex is a Pressman who operates one of our five color presses.

Start Date:   November 17, 1997

Hometown:     A graduate of Perry High School, Alex was born and raised in the Canton / Massillon area.

 Family:  Wife of 4 years Holly and family dogs Kai and Sassy

What is Alex’s favorite thing to do outside of work?

Alex is an avid gardener and loves the outdoors and all animals. One look at Alex will also reveal that he is no stranger to the gym.

Who was Alex’s childhood hero?

Arnold Schwarzenegger. In fact, Alex attends the Arnold Classic Body Building Competition in Columbus almost every year.

What was Alex’s favorite childhood toy?

Alex was a huge Star Wars fan during the original series of releases and consequently had all the action figures. He was often heard to say “Boba Fett is the coolest bad guy”.

What is Alex’s favorite food?

Alex has been a carnivore his entire life. As a child, he subsisted solely on bacon and hot dogs. Now that his tastes have matured he has moved on to loving a good strip steak. No condiments, please!

What is on Alex’s bucket list?

Alex would like to take his mom to Italy.

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