Introducing Dustin Brown

Family:                                   Wife (Courtney), and Cats (Blink & Ava)

Nicknames:                            Dusty, Uncle D

Start Date:                             February 24, 2015

Hometown:                            Alliance, Ohio

High School:                           Alliance High School

Hobby:                                    Biking, Guitar, Music, Exercising, Horror Films

Favorite Movie:                     Halloween

Favorite Movie Quote:         “You don’t have to yell, it’s not a train station…it’s a tiny car.”

- Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist

Interesting Fact:

Dustin played in a band that opened for The Dead Kennedys at the Cleveland Agora. He says it was a big deal.

 What is something about Dustin that you would never guess?

Dustin likes to cook! What’s the old adage, “never trust a skinny cook?” In Dustin’s case, he enjoys doing most of the family cooking and creating healthy meals. His Favorite is Turkey Taco Tuesdays – every Tuesday.

 Dustin’s Dream Job: Dustin would like to own a music concert venue. 


Where would Dustin go on his dream vacation?

Salem, Massachusetts. Yes, you read that correctly. In fact, he’s already been there, and he likes the history of the Salem Witch Trials so much, he’d like to go back.


Dustin’s Hero

His brother because not only did he serve the country, but he served his family as well. He took care of everyone and still had a lot of fun in his life. He’s the real-life Captain America.

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