Introducing Randy Gilbert

Family:  My Three Sons - Cooper, Matthew and Lukas

  Handy Randy, Jarhead and "The Real RG3".

Start Date: 
February 17, 2015

  Louisville, Ohio

High School:  Canton South High School

Hobby:  Watching Cooper play soccer, Bike riding/Hiking, training my dogs and fixing family computers(necessity more than a hobby).

Favorite Food:  Pasta - loves a good pasta.  Not Shepherd's Pie, as one might expect from this Irish German lad.

Favorite Movie:  The Wild Bunch(1969) William Holden, Ernest Borgnine. Of course any John Wayne movie will do though.

Interesting Fact:  Randy is the son of a Marine Drill Sergeant and a Marine veteran himself.  He enlisted when he was 24 after watching countless reruns of Gomer Pyle.  He said Gomer made it look so much fun he thought he'd give it a try!  Honestly, we're honored to have a veteran on staff - Semper Fi!

What is something about Randy you would never guess?
  Randy played the trumpet since the 7th grade.  Some of his proudest moments was to play taps in the Boston area for veterans funerals.

Randy's Dream job?  A Ranger, working remotely deep in the forest.  Not many computers there though.

Where would Randy go on his dream vacation? 
Ireland or Australia, where he could practice his annoying accent(according to his kids).

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