Introducing Stephanie Beamer

Family: Paul (Husband), Evan (11), and Alec (8) 

Nicknames: Steph

Start Date: December 19, 2018

Hometown: North Canton, Ohio

High School: Jackson High School – the yearbook says she was a hippie? What’s a hippie?

Hobby:  Family-Time, crocheting, photography, and 
          texting Katrina.

Favorite Food:   Pizza, wings, and ice-cold beer (sounds lovely).

Favorite Movie:  When Harry Met Sally and Diehard (which she agrees is a Christmas Movie)

Favorite TV Show:  Friends – Monica is her favorite character

Favorite Music:  Pink Floyd (Ohhh, now I know what a hippie is! Not really)

Favorite Singer:  David Gilmore and Bob Breazeal

Favorite Song:   Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress by The Hollies

Favorite Sports Team(s):  Cleveland Indians

Dream Job: An Artist

Something About Stephanie We May Find Surprising:
Stephanie was an Air Force brat and lived in England for 4 years. She also bakes so well that many friends have told her she should open a bakery (I think that’s the only profession with worse hours than printing). And lastly, Stephanie sells her crochet products through the internet (everyone needs a side hustle). If you need pot holders, a blanket, or baby hats & mittens, give us a call.

What’s left on Stephanie’s Bucket List?
She would like to return to England to visit her old home and also see more of Europe.

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