Introducing Tom Gaydos

Role at Paragraphics:  Tom is the lead pressman on our 29” Five Color press. He is highly skilled at his job having been in the trade for 40+ years.

Start Date:  November 1, 2004

Hometown:  Tom was born in Akron and raised in Tallmadge, Ohio.

Family:  Wife Lori, and son T.J.

What is something that you would never guess about Tom?

Tom is an advanced SCUBA Diver, having once had a face-to- face encounter with a Bull Shark. He is half way in his training to become a Master Diver. Standing in the way of his final accreditation is the course “How to clean out your wetsuit after a face-to-face with a Bull Shark”.

What is Tom’s favorite thing to do outside of work?

Tom is also an avid cyclist (that’s without an engine), averaging about 150 miles a week on the road, weather permitting.

What’s the most adventurous thing Tom has done in his life?

Tom once did a cave diving expedition at night. Later this year, he will be taking a canoe trip up the Amazon with his son to explore some Inca ruins.

If he could have any job for the day…

Tom would love to be a Dive Master somewhere in the South Pacific

What is at the top of Tom’s “Bucket List”?

He would like to cycle cross country from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean. Impressive, but more newsworthy if he could do it in full SCUBA gear!

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