Chad King

Role at Paragraphics: Director of Business Development

Family: Wife – Darleen, Sons– Cameron and Connor

Pets: Gunner the Weimaraner.

Start Date: May 2016

Hometown: Zanesville, OH

Hobby: Chad enjoys Kayaking, Fishing and Golfing.

Favorite Movie: Hoosiers (1986), Field of Dreams (1989)

Favorite Sports Teams: Pittsburgh Steelers, Chicago Cubs and DePaul Blue Demons

Best Talent: Looking Busy and Distracting Others

Childhood Fears: Roller Coasters and Snakes (still working on overcoming this one)

Something About Chad You May Find Surprising:    Chad has both successfully piloted the Goodyear Blimp and completed the “Cinnamon Challenge”. He claims that despite swimming with sharks, sky diving, and walking a tight rope across the Grand Canyon, The Cinnamon Challenge is his closest brush with death. 

Crowning Achievement: Chad received a Blue Ribbon on his 6th Grade Science Project

Most Famous Person Chad Has Met: The San Diego Chicken… I guess “famous” and “person” are subjective

Bucket List: To attend a baseball game at every Major League stadium