Clients across the country trust us to bring their vision to fruition. Folding cartons with quick assembly and perfect product placement, the ability to print digitally on heavier stocks— we collaborate with clients to create functional, cost-effective packaging to provide everything for a product launch or branding refresh.

Folding Cartons

A Folding Carton is low caliper paperboard designed for holding lighter weight products. Folding Cartons can be highly customizable and can hold a variety of different products for bulk packing or retail display.

1,2,3 Bottom
Auto Bottom
Auto Bottom W/ Hanger Tab
Tuck Top/Bottom
4 Corner Trays
Snap Lock Bottom Full Tuck Display
Belly Bands
Pillow Box
Glued Sleeves

Point of Sale Retail

Point-of-Sale items are increasingly becoming an important market segment for Paragraphics. We are breaking ground with inventive product hang tags, tear pads and other POS displays that grab the customer’s attention. We have the capabilities to get your product noticed and stand out from the crowd.

Neck Hangers
Hang Tags
Table Tents
Header Cards
Self Forming Carton

Clamshell Inserts

Insert cards provide valuable branding and product messaging all while giving space for the physical product to show through in a retail setting. Paragraphics has plenty of experience designing and producing this intricate style of packaging.

Branded Mailer Box

Branded Mailer Boxes can be a great marketing tool and transportation device for your company to creatively engage your customers. Whether you are a thriving direct to consumer e-commerce business or a B2B manufacturer looking to engage a distributor partner, Branded Mailer Boxes enhance the user experience and can create a special interaction between customer and product.