Clark Swab

Nickname:   “CLUCK” This moniker was coined by retired employee Larry Brackin because Clark’s voice tends to rise above the ambient shop noise and can be heard frequently throughout the plant like the vocalizations of the mother hen.

Role at Paragraphics:  Senior Pressman / Assistant Shop Supervisor – As one of the most senior employees at Paragraphics, Clark covers a lot of bases. While primarily a pressman, he also helps manage the production when the plant manager is absent or on vacation. Clark knows the particulars of just about every customer or job that has ever come through the plant. His great memory and longevity also makes him the de-facto company historian. He is also the self-appointed person in charge of assigning employee nicknames.

Start Date:     October 10, 1985

Hometown:   Canton, Ohio

Family:  Wife Terri of 23 years, son William and family dog Dakota

What is something about Clark that you would never guess?

Clark puts in a large vegetable garden every year, does a great deal of home canning with Terri and is an excellent cook. He is a veteran of the US Navy, having served on the USS Marvin Shields in early 80’s.

What is Clark’s favorite food?

Born and raised a Canton boy, Clark relishes Krauss’ double crust pizza.