Jamie Bosworth

Role at Paragraphics:  Jamie is the senior member of our Fulfillment and Print-On-Demand team.

Start Date:  November 23, 1998

Hometown:  A graduate of Canton McKinley High School, Jamie was born and raised in Canton, Ohio.

What is something about Jamie that you would never guess?
Jamie and his father make a considerable amount of craft beer under the Flying Paper Brewery label. Jamie has even gone to the extent of growing his own hops for their creations.

What’s the most adventurous thing Jamie has done in his life?
As an active Boy Scout in his younger days, Jamie has done a lot of winter camping in some very frigid temperatures.

What was Jamie’s favorite childhood toy?
As a youngster, Jaimie has fond memories of playing with a vintage Corgi, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car at his grandparent’s house.

Who was Jamie’s childhood hero?
His dad, of course.

If he could have any job for the day…
Jamie would be the master Brewer at Great Lakes Brewery.

What is on Jamie’s bucket list?
Sky diving.