Pat Shea

Role at Paragraphics:  Pat is our Project Manager, creates new business quotes for customers and purchase requisitions is just a few of the things he oversees.

Start Date: January 10th, 2005

Hometown: San Bernadino, CA

Family and Pets: Daughter Emily, Son Zach, Grandson Noah and family dog Piper

What is something that you would never guess about Pat?
In his younger days, Pat was a huge fan of the band Kiss. He and a good friend would dress up like these rock icons to cruise the local haunts. Pat was dressed like band member Ace Frehley.

What is Pat’s favorite thing to do outside of work?
Fishing and playing with his grandson.

What is Pat’s favorite movie of all time?
The Shawshank Redemption

What’s the most adventurous thing Pat has done in his life?
Pat had a short career as a skydiver (one jump).

If he could have any job for the day…
Pat would be a fishing charter boat captain.

Where would Pat go on his dream vacation?
Pat would like to tour Europe. He should probably leave his Kiss costume at home. Europeans think Americans are crazy already.