Judy Knapski

Start Date:  December 1, 2011

Hometown:   Canton, Ohio

High School:  Canton South High School

College: Malone University – Accounting, Business Administration, Ashland University – Masters degree, Business Administration

Family Pet:  Molly (Sheltie)

Hobby: Reading, teaching Molly new tricks, and tracking the weather

Favorite Food: Pasta

Favorite Movie:    Tie – Dr. Zhivago and Titanic

Interesting Fact:
Even though Judy has only worked for Paragraphics since 2011, she has worked with Paragraphics since September of 1976, nine months after the company opened. Judy worked for a local accounting firm that serviced the account.

What is something about Judy that you would never guess?
Judy is a published author and a concert organist! She had an article printed in the Ohio CPA Journal, and she played the organ for St. Mary’s Catholic Church.  Her love of music fuels her hobby of following her favorite recording artists, Paul McCartney, The Eagles, The Rolling Stones, and Meat Loaf. She has seen them all in concert!

Judy’s Dream Job:
Judy would love to be the keyboard player in Paul McCartney’s band, even if it was for just one concert.

Where would Judy go on her dream vacation?
A cabin on any snow-capped mountain, complete with a roaring fire, Molly, and a fully charged Kindle.

Judy’s Hero
Her father. She gets her work ethic from him, as he worked very hard until he retired from the Ford Motor Company. As a matter of fact, Judy will only purchase Ford vehicles because of the memories of her father. We think it’s because she still gets a discount – after all, she IS an accountant!