Katrina Swinley

Family: Dave (Husband) and Maggie (Cat) 

Nicknames: Kat

Start Date: December 21, 2015

Hometown: Canton, Ohio

High School: Glenoak High School

Hobby: Reading

Favorite Author:  Nora Roberts, who has written over 225 novels. That should keep her busy for a while!

Favorite Food: Pizza from Your Pizza Shop. The 12th Street location makes the best sausage & pepperoni, thick crust, of course.

Favorite Movie:  The Wizard of Oz, the original from 1939.

Childhood Hero:  Her Mother, for doing such an outstanding job raising her as a single parent.

Favorite Childhood Toy:  Her bike. I can picture it in my mind, complete with the banana seat, streamers, and an annoying bell.

Favorite Music:  Classic Rock

Favorite Song:  Katrina is torn between “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey and “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen.

Interesting Fact:  Katrina has experienced New Year’s Eve on two continents (not in the same night). She was in Paris for one New Year’s Eve Party, and New York City’s Times Square for another. 

What is something about Katrina that you would never guess? 
When in Paris for the New Year’s  Eve party, she was “tear-gassed” by the police! She claims the locals were getting rowdy,  but I think whatever happened in Paris is STAYING in Paris. 

What’s left on Katrina’s Bucket List? 
A trip to Italy, with a Kindle filled with Nora Roberts novels.