Logan Scibetta

Family: Dad (Steve), and Brothers (Nick & Cody) 

Nicknames:   Wedgie

Start Date: October 24, 2016

Hometown: Louisville, Ohio

High School:   Louisville High School

Hobby:  Hanging with friends, going to concerts and playing 

Favorite Food:  Grandma’s Lasagna. He claims it’s made without Cottage OR Ricotta Cheese

Favorite Movie:  Law Abiding Citizen (2009) starring Jamie Foxx. Scored 26% on the TomatoMeter at Rottentomatoes.com. Remind me to NOT ask Logan for recommendations!

Favorite TV Show: Breaking Bad, Friday Night Lights, and Stranger Things. He’s actually never seen any episodes, but he has overheard some people talking about these shows.

Favorite Music: Rap AND Country (How does that even work?)

Favorite Childhood Toy:  Gameboy Color. and his favorite game was Donkey Kong.

Favorite Sports Team(s):  Cleveland teams, and THE OSU Buckeyes.

Something About Logan We May Find Surprising:  His Dad dropped him and broke his leg when he was a baby. The irony is, Logan thought we’d find this surprising…

Logan’s Dream Vacation?   Hawaii

Funniest Story from Work:  Logan was asked to buy stamps at the Post Office for a mailing project. For some unknown reason, he thought the project would be better with Wonder Woman stamps. Not just a few, $2000 worth! Wonder Woman, really?